Ascension Spring Into Summer w/ LIBORIUS, DJ SODBRENNEN, MIGUEL PANZER, NOMIT and more at Helios37

Get ready for the next chapter in our musical journey with Ascension on May 17th. Helios37 in Cologne transforms once again into the pulsating heart of creativity and rhythm. Techno | Trance | Eurodance | Hard Groove 🎶 MAIN STAGE 🌙 LIBORIUS 🌙 BENSONIUS 🌙 MARCO EISENBERG 🌙 DJ SODBRENNEN 🌙 LACHS UND LEDER BLACK BOX 🔊 Hard Techno 🌙 XXXXXX 🌙 MIGUEL PANZER 🌙 NOMIT Ascension is not just a party; it's an expedition into the depths of electronic music. Our carefully selected lineup, still under wraps, features pioneers and innovators ready to guide you through a musical landscape like never before. Experience a night where the thrill of Techno, Trance, and more merge into an unforgettable journey. Be the first to secure your spot for this extraordinary event. Expect the unexpected and prepare for a night that transcends the ordinary. For the latest updates on Instagram, check @ascensioncologne. Embark on this musical adventure with us. The journey of 2024 starts at Ascension. See you on the dance floor!
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