CHROME COLOGNE Get ready for this special Chrome Cologne, as the exceptional artist Oguz takes center stage for his all-night-long performance at iconic Bootshaus. Witness the mastery of Oguz as he crafts an 8-hour rave journey. We’re not horsing around, so join us for a night where boundaries are pushed and the ordinary is left behind. Chrome Cologne is not just an event; it's an experience that will linger in your memory long after the night has faded away. But be aware: Chrome Cologne is not your typical rave – it's a tantalizing affair where the rules are different, and inhibitions are left at the door. This is a kinky party so check our rules carefully to avoid being rejected at our entrance. Specials 1 Dancefloors 1 Darkroom/Playroom Cages Soundsystem by FÖÖN There will be a Playroom where you can retreat to play with others. Awareness You can recognize our Awareness Team by the blue LED bands on their arms. The Awareness Point is located in front of the entrance to the Playroom. There will always be someone available to talk to. Dresscode Due to the artistic nature of our event and its sex-positive focus, there will be a strict dress code, which will be checked at the entrance, as with all our events. The final decision as to whether it’s a yay or nay is always made by our sorters at the door. You will have the opportunity to change on-site and store your clothing if you prefer not to arrive in your final outfit. Go Fetish – metal – rubber – latex – kinky – bold – nude – masked – mysterious No-Go Everyday clothing/streetwear – regular jeans – cargo pants - tank tops – tracksuits – simple "all black" rave outfits No phones allowed! Please leave your phones at the wardrobe or at home. Remember to bring your printed tickets if you're leaving your phone at home.
Nächste Party