Punkt Punkt Komma Strich MARINO CANAL

PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH CREW AT SCHROTTY COLOGNE The PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH Crew invites you to another Crew Night - this time we will bring Marino Canal (Afterlife | Siamese) to our homebase Schrotty. SATURDAY, 18. MAY 2024 DOORS OPEN: 11:00 PM LINE UP MARINO CANAL (AFTERLIFE | SIAMESE) www.instagram.com/marinocanal www.soundcloud.com/marinocanal SOLIQUE (INNERVISIONS) www.facebook.com/soliquemusic www.soundcloud.com/soliquemusic AVANT (INFINITE DEPTH) www.facebook.com/avantofc www.soundcloud.com/avant_ofc VINTASH (PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH) www.facebook.com/vintashmusic www.soundcloud.com/vintash_music We don't care and we don't judge what you are, who you are, how you look, the language you speak, your religion, race, skin color, your gender or sexual orientation. What really matters? How positive your vibe is. How much you care about others, how willing you are to protect others, how much more respect you show them. How beautiful of a person you can be? If you feel the same as we do and believe in the good in people; then you are a part of our Crew. The Crew means more than anything to us, we never leave anyone behind and we connect to each other with love!
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