Tom-Tom Club x Bon Voyage feat. Lyzanne, Måtyrer, Mighty Maus

The Belgian Quarter is the central scene and nightlife district in Cologne and JAKI is right in the middle of it! On July 13, the relevant clubs in the Belgian Quarter will come together for a big club-hopping night. With just one ticket, you can embark on a journey through Cologne's urban scene district. We are looking forward to an evening with Cologne residents: Lyzanne, a newcomer and talented progressive house selector, will be swinging the beats around our ears. Måtyrer is the founder of the Cologne collective Brutalism, actually more known for experimental music, but for this night he shares our preference for house tunes. And when you think of house and UK garage, there's one name you can't miss anyway. Having recently moved here from Wuppertal, we are particularly looking forward to the JAKI debut by Mighty Maus!
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