Tom-Tom Club x Callshop Radio feat. Acidfinky, JD-P, Wiggle

A very special Tom-Tom night awaits you in cooperation with Callshop Radio and a colorful selection from our favorite radio circle: If you missed Acidfinky for the 7th anniversary of Callshop, you now have the opportunity to listen to the talented German-Algerian DJ again! Acidfinky is an active community leader and an inspiration for a new generation conquering the clubs. She regularly gives vinyl mixing and production workshops, panel discussions, curates multidisciplinary events and hosts open deck sessions for newcomers. Community work is also very important at Callshop Radio - we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on their 7th birthday - how nice that the founders and members JD-P and Wiggle are also so talented at DJing. You can expect a fine creation of bass music, house and much more!
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